best male hairstyle for a man with an oval face

best male hairstyle for a man with an oval face 

I have slightly tan skin, as I got older my tann has started to fade, I'm slightly tan in the face but mostly white with a slight drop of tann. I have dark brown curly wavy hair with an oval face shape. What hairstyles will suit me most, I was thinking a slicked back hairstyle will make me look by the best possible balance of beauty. 
best male hairstyle for a man with an oval face

Slicked back from both the top and the sides, not like an 80's greaser forcibly pushing his hair backwards to the limit length, what I mean is having the sides and the top long enough to go straight to the back of my head or in the middle of my head if it's not long enough yet. Want does everyone else think.

The length and degree of curliness of the present style are not exactly clear. The general idea with guy's medium to short styles is to maximize and minimize the volume of hair in various areas of the head to create the illusion of an oval face shape, considered the ideal shape, with a somewhat more boxy than rounded skull shape when the face is viewed from the front and in side profile, a somewhat more rounded than boxy skull shape at the back of the head. 

"Oval: The oval face is the ideal shape. It is designated as the "egg" shape. It is wider at the forehead and tapers to a well rounded chin. This type of face looks equally becoming with hair worn low or high on the head; and likewise, either a center or side part or no part at all is becoming. depending somewhat on other facial characteristics." 
L.S. Trusty, "The Art and Science of Barbering" pg129. 
A good barber can usually design a regular haircut or one of the short pomp(pompadour) styles-crew cut, ivy league(long crew cut), flat top crew cut- to fully suit most young guys. In contrast, relatively few guys fully suit a butch, brush cut(long butch) or burr(short butch.) The main difference between a short pomp style and a butch, burr, brush cut is that a butch, burr, brush cut is a uniform short length on top while the top hair of a short pomp style is longest at the front hairline and graduates shorter in length to the crown which allows a barber to design a short pomp style to fully suit most combinations of male skull shape, frontal hairline, face shape etc Most girls are fine with whatever standard medium to short style a guy chooses to wear as long as the style fully suits and is kept clean and looking well groomed and the guy doesn't spend a lot of time on his hair. 

If a guy wants to go to a shorter style for the summer or one of his sporting activities, that is fine with most girls too even when she prefers that he wear a somewhat longer style. Around here most high school and college guys are wearing regular haircuts with long tapers on the back/sides, though since last summer a not insignificant number have switched to regular haircuts with medium or semi-short tapers on the back/sides, ivy leagues or crew cuts and recently some have been growing out to regular haircuts with extra long tapers on the back/sides. Starting from a butch or short crew cut, a guy can grow out his hair and have it look great as it grows out if he keeps up with haircuts, getting a slightly longer style each haircut. 
Assuming an average rate of hair growth of 1/8" per week and haircuts every three weeks, the following styles are a haircut apart: butch, short crew cut; medium crew cut; short ivy league; ivy league; long ivy league; short regular haircut, regular haircut. A photo is the best way to describe a style to a barber or stylist.Below are guys with hair that exhibits varying degrees of curliness wearing regular haircuts and short pomp styles. 

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