Fade haircut wack?? Taper haircut?

Fade haircut wack?? Taper haircut?

I went to the barber like 3 weeks ago and it was packed so I said give me a 2 on top and 0 on bottom with a fade and a line up. There was some guy there that was getting a taper and he was trying to be funny by saying give me a zero all around like his and him and his barber started laughing. The messed up part was that even my barber was laughing. Was my haircut that bad?? I thought it look cool. Then I started thinking is my haircut wack?? I want opinions from barber or people that get tapers.

 What looks better? Does a fade look bad? Also, I'm getting my haircut tomorrow can you recommend the best # to get a taper and how do you ask for it.

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