Why is it so hard to do a pompadour?

Why is it so hard to do a pompadour?

According to the Men’s Hair Blog, the Pompadour hairstyle is associated with the rebels of the ’50s, rockabilly music and men like Elvis Presley and Johny Cash. 

The Pompadour aims to have the hair slicked and with volume on the front so that the hair style, when seen form the side, looks like a wedge. 

Dave Alexander of the Men’s Hair Guide reported that for a good Pompadour, one must have the proper supplies. 
To get a good pompadour going, you’ll need the right products and tools 

First, you’ll need a great pomade. Try Lunatic Fringe Hair or MURRAYS Hair Pomade. 

You’ll also need a blow dryer and a good brush . Optionally, you may also want to have a great hair spray on hand. 

Once you ensure that you have the proper supplies, you will need to style your hair. After a shower, towel dry your hair. Next, using your brush and blow dryer (high heat, low air flow), dry the hair on top by directing the front up and back. You may not need to use a blow dryer, but the heat will help give you more height and set the style up. 

Once the hair is dry, apply about a pea sized amount of pomade to the palm of your hand and work your hands around a bit to warm it up and emulsify it. Don’t use too much as it will weigh your hair down — you can always add more later. Smooth the product through the hair until it is evenly distributed. Now, take your brush and slick the hair straight back on the sides and back and towards the center on top. If the hair isn’t slicking back, you can add more pomade. At this point, you’ve got a decision to make. Part or no part? For a pompadour, either works, but I prefer unparted pompadours. 

Next, take the hand not holding the comb and place it on top of your head right in the middle so your entire hand comes in contact with the slicked back hair. Carefully push this hand forward while brushing the hair in front straight up. What this is going to do is help you get more height and volume at the front. This is probably going to take a bit of practice, but keep at it. Once you’ve got some height on the front (viewed from the side, your hair should form a ramp from the crown to the front), you can now brush the hair near the top on the sides straight back. You can also use a comb to very lightly direct any hairs which may be out of place back to where they need to be. Once everything is in place, you may want to set the hair with a light coating of hairspray. 

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